Jessica Pierard

Program Coordinator, Teacher, Global Youth Garden Lead

IMG_1024Jessica holds everything together at The Language Link offices, and in the field training and supporting our many language teachers.  If anyone wants to know where something is, Jessica is the one to ask, whether it is a Chinese calendar, colored paper clips, or TiNi garden supplies.   With her playful nature, she is sought out frequently by La Casita preschool students for big hugs or funny jokes.  She has taught in our public school programs, summer camps, preschool, and led our global youth garden program.  Jessica is bicultural and bilingual, having spent formative years in both Colombia and Seattle.  She earned her BA degree in Spanish and Romance Linguistics at the University of Washington and is also an American Sign Language interpreter.  In her free time Jessica enjoys gardening, cooking, a great deal of reading, and travelling.


Our School Program Teachers

The Language Link teachers are either native speakers or have native fluency because they spent some years living in another country. Our teachers are dynamic, compassionate, creative, and well-spoken. Coming from Argentina, China, Colombia, Cuba, France, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, Venezuela as well as the U.S., each teacher brings a different view of the world. Our teachers have degrees from their native countries, some with degrees from the US. They are gifted and natural teachers and all have either taught in The Language Link’s elementary school programs already or have other solid teaching experience with young children. All are fully trained in the curricula we use and love sharing their native languages and cultures with children.