My daughter has taken French classes offered by the Language Link at Lincoln/APP for the past two years. She started in the novice class and is now in novice-mid; the classes meet two mornings per week before school for 45 minutes. She has had three teachers and all three have impressed me with their French language skills, interest in French language and culture, and enthusiasm. The curriculum is well organized and the program communicates regularly with parents about what the classes are working on. The teachers have brought some of their own personal interests into the class curriculum, such as making French crepes and doing a play, which have helped to make it fun. My daughter’s interest in learning French and about French culture have increased since she started taking French classes. Considering that she only has French for 1.5 hours per week, I am pleased that her ability to understand and speak some French has increased.

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I am very pleased with the Language Link. My daughter’s school is partnered with the Language Link and she takes Mandarin before school. My daughter is exposed to not only the language but also the Chinese characters. My daughter surprises me with Chinese words that we have never discussed before. I also think that the price for the service that they offer is a great value too. I am not at all hesitant to recommend the Language Link for any other schools.

My two children have spent a combined total of 8 years in Language Link Spanish classes. My 7th grader is now in an immersion program at her middle school thanks in large part to Language Link classes. The program hires native speakers from all over Latin America and Spain, so the kids have strong grounding in the breadth of language, grammar and accents that the Spanish language includes. The curriculum introduces the kids to the various cultures, countries and histories too in a fun, engaging, multi-disciplinary way. It’s a fantastic program. I highly recommend it

My daughter takes mid level mandarin at Queen Anne elementary and we are extremely happy with the program. The teacher is fun, engaging and always prepared. The weekly emails from language link tell me what my daughter will learn that week so we can track what she is doing. We will definitely continue next year!

My daughter started before school Spanish classes with Language Link in Kindergarten and has continued through 8th grade. The curriculum is much more engaging than traditional school language programs. It incorporates art, music and history. The immersion approach pushes the kids to think in the target language. And Language Link has a knack for finding exceptional teachers who are native speakers, as well as warm and lively.

I have only wonderful things to say about what The Language Link classes have done for my daughter. At first, we entered her in the program strictly to acquire a foreign language and the cognitive abilities associated with that skill. Then the program progressed as she did. She has been able to study different cultures and make friends from afar. We’ve also been fortunate enough to travel to meet some of the people she befriended through the program. I can’t even begin to innumerate the benefits she gleaned from those travel experiences. In sum, not only is my daughter proficient in another language, she has also become more aware of social issues across the globe, and more importantly, has dedicated herself to finding solutions. She’s come a long way from, ‘Hola, me llamo…’.

My three children have been a part of the language link’s programs (including Casita Feliz, before school classes and summer camps) for over 4 years. Barbara and her staff are incredibly compassionate, driven, and inspirational educators with an eye towards opening students minds to the greater global community in a fun, challenging, and empowering way. I count The Language Link and it’s programs among the most important pillars of Seattle’s early education efforts.

We are a Cuban family and have our Kindergarten and 1st grader in the Languagelink’s Heritage Program. The teachers are excellent native speakers, the children enjoy music and dancing, and most of all they learn to read and write in Spanish. We couldn’t be happier. I only wish it were five days a week before AND after school! Excellent program.