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We are a Spanish Immersion Program that offers part-time classes for preschool and K-5th grade students. Embrace the belief that each student and teacher brings unique treasures to the classroom. The program we use provides a warm and nurturing environment where students learn and play while immersed in the Spanish language. We value individuality, celebrating unique talents, and fostering cultural intelligence. The curriculum is play-based, aligning with state Early Childhood Education Guidelines to create a dynamic and fun Spanish program. Additionally, the program focuses on social-emotional development, utilizing a curriculum to guide students in expressing their feelings and needs. We aim to instill culturally immersive experiences and developmentally appropriate values of global citizenship in our students.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at The Language Link is to create a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment for every child, fostering exploration and learning through play. We prioritize a welcoming and safe space where children are immersed in Spanish language, culture, art, music, and games. Recognizing the unique qualities that each student and teacher brings to our classrooms, we strive to provide a warm atmosphere for all, ensuring that The Language Link is a place where children can thrive and enjoy their educational journey.


Our philosophy revolves around a play-based curriculum that not only caters to the diverse developmental needs of each child but also fosters global citizenship through language and cultural immersion. We prioritize individuality, celebrating unique talents, and promoting mutual respect among our community. Our approach involves instilling cultural intelligence and age-appropriate values of global citizenship within a Spanish language and culturally immersive environment.

What We Offer


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Summer Camps

Programs We Offer

Our Fresh Start Infant Program provides every child that warm and nurturing experience not only focus on their emotional needs, but their critical and creative thinking skills and abilities as well. The curriculum that we provide for our infants is put in place to focus on our infants’ developmental needs when it comes to literacy and real-life skills. At Fresh Start we are fully aware how important it is for infants to create a positive, loving, and trusting bond with their teachers, which is why we take pride in making sure our teacher is a great fit, nurturing, loving, passionate, attentive, and most of all affectionate to all our babies within their learning environment.

Our Fresh Start Toddler Program understand this group not only comes with curiosity, but full of energy as toddlers. Which is why we are confident our program fills their day with challenging and engaging activities to not only build on their previous knowledge that has been learned in our infant program but introducing new learning material to them as well as more real-life skill opportunities for them to grow. Our program is kid-paced which allows each child to learn at their own pace all while still fostering important developmental skills and making learning fun through hands fine art activities.

At Fresh Start we understand at this age they are extremely ready to go and in full force all the time. Therefore, our program is well equipped for the energy they will bring, as well as readiness for knowledge through our preschool program. Rest assured, Fresh Start does provide your child a learning environment, good nutrition, safety, and tools that they will need to keep their busy minds not only learning but growing and advancing as well. Our goal is to get them ready and prepared to not only shine but accelerate once they begin elementary school.

At this age our goal is to provide this group:

Developmentally appropriate practices

Hands-on involvement 

Group instruction 


Character development 

Social-emotional activities 

Decision-making and problem-solving skills

Literacy skills


At Fresh Start we understand at this age the children are ready and eager to start going to big school. Therefore, our teachers are excited for them to not only be getting prepared to start school but making sure they are provided with all the essentials they will need to be successful within the classroom setting. Out goal is to make sure we set the foundation for learning by not only making it exciting for them but teaching them in a way where they fully understand and grasps the concepts effectively whether through fine art, and or through print. At this age our goal is to provide this age group with various ways of learning such as having:

Large and Small group activities

Independent exercises

Various centers (academic, writing, reading, science, sensory, art, language and literacy, math, dramatic play, construction)

At Fresh Start this age group is ready to explore more. Here we give our schoolers the education away from their everyday classroom settings. Here we challenge their minds in ways where they can think outside the box all while utilizing their fine arts skills. At Fresh Start your child will not only learn but explore and grow all while expanding their minds in a more creative, adventurous, and fun way.

Here at Fresh Start, our before and after school program, summer camps, and holiday breaks are all designed to assist our schoolers with a more in depth of having fun and learning all at the same time. Our goal is to help them define themselves through character building and STEAM-based activities all while meeting new friends and building character. All this stems through social interaction with peers and our curriculum we have in place for our schoolers. We want our schoolers to dream, and believe that whatever they put their minds too, they can accomplish it. Just stay focus and dream big.

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